Wednesday, 16 April 2014

It's spring time!

Do you remember my post about the street band in Wola? It was taken on 23rd March and just few days later the spring bloomed. As you can see in the photo below, made quite late, on 7th April.

Continue reading to see some spring photos made in Praga district, near Vistula river on Saturday, 5th April. Spring came really early this year, the weather was warm and sunny so a lot of people went outside to enjoy the fresh air. As usual I tried not to take the people's photos, and concentrate on the nature tho.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Street Bands in Warsaw

Warsaw Street Bands

There are some things I enjoy about the urban folklore in Warsaw. It's - obviously - the street musicians and bands.

Musicians playing and singing on the streets of Warsaw were especially popular before the Second World War. But even today there are bands that still play in places with lots of passer-bys (tourists including). What's more some bands playing their music going through the backyards, among the apartment buildings.

Today, on 23rd of March 2014, one of such bands was in my neighbourhood. I think it was first time in few months. Not surprising, considering that there is too little street bands in too big city to hear them often. Unfortunately.

Continue reading to see the videos of the street band performance. You will also learn more about street bands in Warsaw and its significance.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Winter photos of Wola

A couple of photos taken in Wola, a district of Warsaw, on 18th January. Winter came back to Warsaw few days before that. It's cold now, around -10, but even after the snow fell we had a warmer day, with temperature above 0 degrees.

Below are the photos from Park Moczydło, one of the parks in Wola. Taken with my mobile phone's camera a bit of time before the sunset.

At least children are having fun, right? ;) That was a nice walk! The most important thing is to dress warmly, then you can have fun. :)

Friday, 3 January 2014

Christmas customs in Warsaw

Did you celebrate Christmas? Are you interested in knowing how Christmas is celebrated in Warsaw? Read the post below, I'll write about the pre-Christmas customs and Christmas customs.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Warsaw's December Photos

On 14th December I went with my friend for a walk. We visited one of the Christmas fairs I mentioned last time. It was a small fair in front of one of Wola's churches. Later, we went to the city centre, passing by Pałac Kultury i Nauki (Palace of Culture and Science), one of the city symbols.

Continue reading to see photos of Wola and Śródmieście, made by my friend.

Friday, 13 December 2013

December Highlights

December is a month connected with Christmas. Indeed, most of December is so Christmasy. Christmas decorations are already in November (unfortunately) but everything screams "Christmas! Spend all your money for Christmas!" very loudly in December. And then there comes the New Year party, a time for long parties. ;)

So, what's interesting in December? As I said earlier, it's mostly focused on Christmas.

  • Christmas fairs (usually close before Christmas Eve) with traditional food, decorations or various gifts.
  • Barbara's Day (patroness of miners).
  • Barbórka rally in Warsaw.
  • Nativity scenes in churches. Some are static, some are moving (mechanic) and some are alive. 
  • Christmas carols concerts.
  • Public Christmas parties
  • Public New Year party. Free. 
These events are annual. There are also some this year "events".
  • 125th anniversary of National Ethnography Museum in Warsaw.
  • December 2013 is a time for people in Warsaw to give suggestions related to the new participatory budgeting law. Suggestions now, projects next year and it'll be implemented in 2015.
  • Starting on 1st January 2014 there will be a new ticket tariff for the public transport. Those who pay taxes in Warsaw can get "Karta Warszawiaka" which means cheaper tickets after next year's rise in tickets. :D Now it's the time to get holograms for the Karta.
More information with photos soon. On 14th December in Wola there'll be an event with lighting up a Christmas tree, a Christmas fair and concerts. It'll continue to 15th December. And on Sunday there'll be a public Christmas party with the President of Warsaw. Food, carols, wishes, etc. except outside.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

December Weather in Warsaw

For those who might be planning their trip to Warsaw, an information about weather might be one of the most important. So, today I'll write about the current weather in Warsaw. It's not as scary as one could think!

Currently there is no snow and the temperature is above zero. This is not so surprising in Warsaw. There are years in which the snow and low temperature doesn't come even for Christmas. I always wish for white Christmas, but probably this year, we won't have snow either.

One of the weather forecast (you know they could be wrong) claims that the temperature until Christmas will be above zero, with only rain falls from time to time. Actually 25th December is supposed to be the warmest day in Warsaw in the next 2 weeks with a 6 degrees Celsius temperature.

Temperature below zero might be only at night (according to the forecasts) during the next 2 weeks.

We had first snow, on 6th December at night. A nice present for the Saint Nicholas Day. This is a photo made in the morning of 7th December 2013.

It was snowing already for a few times, but since the temperature is above zero, the snow is quickly melting. unfortunately for me. I love the snowy Warsaw, especially at night. I love walking through a snowy and Christmasy-lit Warsaw at night.

I have to say, that so far December is quite warm. Good for those who aren't used to the low temperature, but not so good for those who love to have fun in the snow. Winter without the snow is not quite right for me. Actually, the cold and snowy winter is my favourite season!

Last week we had some problems in Poland with the hurricane Xaver, which was roaming in Europe. The worst time was Thursday/Friday night (05/06.12.2013). The speed of the wind was up to around 150 km/h. The worst had people living in the north, on the seaside. For few days many people had no electricity. Generally, it was advised on Friday to not go out unless necessary, because of the strong winds. It's over. The hurricane has passed (to Russia), the electricity (afaik) is now restored everywhere.

Hurricane like this is uncommon in Poland. You shouldn't be worried about such things.

Regardless of the weather now, if you plan to come to Poland during winter (starting from now) it's best to have some warm clothes with you.